Approve your online interactions with this equipment

Improving Your (Video) Appearance

Recently during a video discussion with a c-level executive for a multibillion-dollar corporation I noticed they looked less than themselves – nothing wrong just poor lighting, bad audio and their being seated on a rocking chair!

Real interaction where a true exchange occurs – meeting in person with clients and candidates cannot return soon enough for me. The substitution for personal interaction is now all too often a video encounter marred by poorly lit faces, camera angles determined by convenient device placement and 1080 resolution.

Equipment to put your best foot forward in an interview

Which is why it’s crucial that we improve our experience, SPECIFICALLY with video content.

Equipment that is affordable and made to improve your video presence:

1. LightingThis ring light is a great option, but if changing desktop lighting is not for you, make certain you are situated in natural light!

2. Film with something besides your laptop/tabletThis gooseneck phone holder allows you to film yourself with your phones 4K resolution without propping your device against a stack of books.

3. SoundThis mic is about $40.

Behavioral changes you can make on your next interview:
  1. Hands free – when we use our hands between our face and the camera it makes an innocent communication gesture go badda-bing!
  2. Head movement and location – keep them centered and free of bobbing
    movement as both can be detrimental to lighting and the audience’s sanity.

    Hope these suggestions help your video confidence!
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