Carson Kolb believes in the power of partnership. We bring 25 years of knowledge to the forefront as a trusted ambassador to your health organization. Combining the greatest strengths of our clients with the excellence of our consultants. The result is a powerful combination that will continue to evolve to meet our client’s needs.

Evolving with The Industry

Our tradition of excellence in healthcare recruiting stems from intricate engagement with our clients and learning to evolve as the industry changes. Communication is paramount to any successful relationship. Keeping clients well informed allows for more methodical and intuitive decision making when it comes to strategic hires.

Our 3 Step Proven Search Methodology

1. Understand & Advise

Meet key individuals within your organization to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the search goals and expectations. Produce a report confirming understanding of search expectations, direction and process.

2. Assess & Present

Conduct a national search employing the broadest sourcing methods available including databases, research, professional connections and technological means. Assess all potential candidates by conversing telephonically and with those qualified in-person. Candidates deemed worthy of search committee’s consideration shall be presented formally.

3. Negotiate & Correspond

Perform consistent communication with the search committee and candidate throughout the pre and post interview process, delivering constructive feedback to both parties. We offer negotiations with the selected candidate relating to compensation, benefits, terms, etc. We maintain dialogue with those recruited to foster efficient transition and growth.





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