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The following tips and suggestions will help you make the most of your practice interviews and maximize your chances for winning the perfect opportunity. Good luck!

What to do & What to ask:
1. Prepare a complete list of questions before the interview – This will serve as the outline for gathering information.

2. Send a hand written thank you letter to both the group and hospital administrator. This will show that you have taken the time to do something more than simply compose an email.

3.Prior to interviewing, determine what you need versus what you want. In other words, what are the must-have’s for this opporunity?

4. Bring multiple copies of your curriculum vitae and professional references and offer them to those who may not have copies with them during the interview.

5. Be prepared to discuss your current and past practices. Be positive, avoiding negative comments regarding current or past associates.

6. During your interview, verify all the details of the opportunity to ensure you fully understand the situation and specifically what the client is looking for.

7. Get out into the community to find out what life is really like in the area of the practice opportunity. Visit local businesses, schools, neighborhoods, parks, etc.

8. Take pictures or a video to capture a more intimate record of the community.

9. Only rely on your own assessment of the opportunity and the community. Experts advise that if the opportunity satisfies at least 80% of what you are looking for, evaluate the opportunity further and conduct an on-site interview.

10. Plan at least one 3-day weekend every month to visit practice opportunities. This will allow you to act and be decisive when you discover the right opportunity.

11. Meet the chief hospital administrator to investigate their support of the recruitment effort, discuss the financial stability of the hospital, and assess the medical community’s long-term goals.

12. Meet as many of your future partners/colleagues as time permits. These meetings should be conducted in both groups and one-on-one to get a true feel for the dynamics of the environment.

13. Explore the surrounding community with an experienced real estate agent who knows the area well and is not focused on selling you a home just yet.

14. Determine the primary, secondary and tertiary service areas for your specialty to accurately assess the future potential of your practice.

15. If you are interested in the opportunity, act on it. Other candidates are most likely being interviewed for the same opportunity, so it is your duty to be proactive and act quickly if it is the right opportunity for you.







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