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What kind of recruiting firm do I need?

In the physician recruiting industry, firms often fall into two categories – Contingency Firms and Retained Firms. Which one will serve the needs of your organization best? It really boils down to this: Are you more of a do-it-yourselfer, or do you want the unique insight and personalized approach of a seasoned recruiter?

A Contingency Firm provides the client potentially with a host of candidates and requires a fee only when the client hires a candidate presented by the firm. While this option is largely effective for low- to mid-management or less difficult positions, it requires the client to execute the legwork involved with qualifying candidates based on specific needs and coordinating site visits, and does not provide any insight into the specific staffing issues surrounding a particular specialty, such as compensation and staffing trends.

A Retained Firm offers detailed knowledge of the current physician marketplace. A top-level retained firm will:

• Visit your practice to get a full understanding of the opportunity and what candidates will be best suited to fill it.

• Offer seasoned recruiters that have the insight and experience to conduct searches precisely to fit the client’s needs.

• Deliver a complete list of services including candidate screening and qualifying, background and certification checks, personal consultations with appropriate candidates, and interview and closing assistance.

Which type of firm is right for you?
We encourage you to speak with one of our recruiting specialists to help determine the best option for your organization.






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